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Acoustic Montage: 100 Top Acoustic Tracks, Part 2

January 17th, 2014

In this second part of our Acoustic Montage we have the theme 'All You Need Is Love' threaded throughout the show. Hosted by our very own Gary Haywood it also has David Hudson with his Country Roads, Something Old, Something New and the new Facebook requests features. Sit back and enjoy the ride with Gary & David as they take you on another twenty-five track acoustic journey.

Dale Hanson: Acoustic Lennon Special

January 5th, 2014

Back by popular demand! This show is a John Lennon special presented by local, Birmingham musician, Dale Hanson. This special is part of a series of acoustic only close-ups we will do for artists that have helped shape the music industry. John Lennon maybe an obvious starting point but when you focus only on his  acoustic output the results may be far from obvious. We all have an opinion as music is subjective but presented here is the top five acoustic Lennon tracks as chosen by Dale. What would your top five be? Let us know via our Facebook page.