Pat Breslin: The Harp Easter Special

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! He is risen, Alleluia! - Welcome to the final part of our special Easter broadcasts.  Here, DJ Pat Breslin presents a special Easter programme for The Harp newspaper.  With his usual laid back, comic style, Pat guides you through some great music.  So, get yourself a drink, a chocolate egg and sit back and enjoy the show.

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Gary Haywood: Acoustic Spotlight Special - Eva Cassidy

April 18, 2014

This week we have another Acoustic Spotlight special, presented by DJ Gary Haywood, we take a look at his top five acoustic tracks by the one and only Eva Cassidy. What can we say about this amazing artist that hasn't been said already? Nothing really, except to say, unique, a massive talent  and most definately, gone too soon. God bless you Eva.

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Susie Gee: Holy Week Special - Faith in Music

April 13, 2014

Today, Palm Sunday of The Lord's Passion starts off the most important week in the life of the universal Christian Church.  Holy Week, that includes The Institution of The Eucharist (The Last Supper) and Good Friday and culminating in the mother of all Vigils upon nightfall on Holy Saturday all proceeds the biggest celebration of the Church, Easter, which for those of you that don't know lasts for 50 days until the feast of Pentecost.  Christianity lives or dies upon the Resurrection and Holy Week that focuses our hearts and minds gives us all the evidence that Christians need to have faith and believe.  Here is Susie Gee and 'Faith in Music'.

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Pat Breslin: Acoustic Spotlight Special - James Taylor

April 11, 2014

The latest in our popular 'Acoustic Spotlight' specials focuses on James Taylor, presented by our very own, Pat Breslin. DJ Pat takes you through his top five from this superb American singer songwriter and highlights the reason why this artist is such a favourite for him. Pour yourself a wee dram, sit back and enjoy the soothing sounds of the one and only, James Taylor.

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Susie Gee: Folk For Folk’s Sake

April 4, 2014

This week's broadcast comes from DJ Susie Gee, here she presents our first show on Folk music. Folk is such a broad genre, from tracing it's 'roots' in the 1850's to alive and well in the 2010's with the likes of Mumford & Sons and everything inbetween, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and the like are obvious members of the folk scene . Susie's picks may surprise some of you as you may not think they sound very 'folky' but remember, Folk has more to do with the lyric content rather than the sound or feel of the track. Tune in, relax and enjoy for Folk's sake!

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David Hudson: Acoustic Spotlight Special - Paul McCartney

March 28, 2014

Welcome to another 'Acoustic Spotlight' special programme. Hosted by Acoustic1's co-founder, techy guy and reluctant presenter, David Hudson. Where do you start with this artist?! The Beatles, Wings maybe or just as Paul himself? David felt to do this show justice it had to be solely on the acoustic output of Paul, anything else would be a completely different programme(s)...which of course we'll probably end up doing! What would your top five McCartney be? Hard question isn't it! Here is David's. So sit back and enjoy, Sir James Paul McCartney.

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Susie Gee: Acoustic Spotlight Special - Cat Stevens

March 21, 2014

Welcome to another offering in our ever popular series, 'Acoustic Spotlight'. This special programme is hosted by another of our new presenters, Susie Gee. Susie is a musician too and gets involved with the 'open-mic' scene in south Birmingham. Here she presents her top five acoustic songs from one of her favourite artists, Yusuf Islam, otherwise known as Cat Stevens.

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The Harp Radio: Saint Patrick’s Day Special 2014

March 14, 2014

Well here it is! Welcome to the first ever Harp newspaper radio show. To celebrate our fantastic city of Birmingham's Saint Patrick's Day parade and celebrations the Harp Newspaper & Acoustic1 Radio have teamed up to bring you this special hour-long programme presented by Irelands own Pat Breslin.

As Pat himself said, "If you're Irish it has everything you'd expect to hear and if you're not Irish it has everything you'd hope to hear" Tune in, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the craic with The Harp Radio.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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Acoustic Montage: 100 Top Acoustic Tracks, Part 2

January 17, 2014

In this second part of our Acoustic Montage we have the theme 'All You Need Is Love' threaded throughout the show. Hosted by our very own Gary Haywood it also has David Hudson with his Country Roads, Something Old, Something New and the new Facebook requests features. Sit back and enjoy the ride with Gary & David as they take you on another twenty-five track acoustic journey.

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Dale Hanson: Acoustic Lennon Special

January 5, 2014

Back by popular demand! This show is a John Lennon special presented by local, Birmingham musician, Dale Hanson. This special is part of a series of acoustic only close-ups we will do for artists that have helped shape the music industry. John Lennon maybe an obvious starting point but when you focus only on his  acoustic output the results may be far from obvious. We all have an opinion as music is subjective but presented here is the top five acoustic Lennon tracks as chosen by Dale. What would your top five be? Let us know via our Facebook page.

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Peaky Blinders Special

October 29, 2013

Welcome to our Peaky Blinders Special - As proud Brummies we loved the BBC drama 'Peaky Blinders' I guess it was just inevitable that we would produce this special broadcast. The superb eight part drama was set in Birmingham during the inter-war period of the early 20th Century which is an usual setting for any period drama. The horrors of the 'Great War' saw many damaged men delivered back into society and this hard hitting drama has all that on show in abundance. Set in 1919 the drama is focused on a gangster family that ran a large part of Birmingham, the men of the family kept razor blades hidden in the peaks of their cloth caps, hence, Peaky Blinders. Here we present ten tracks that fit the narrative of the programme beautifully. Don't be a stupid Peaky Blinder...tune in and have a listen!

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Acoustic Montage: 100 Top Acoustic Tracks, Part 1

October 17, 2013

This new episode is the first of four new shows where we present to you our top acoustic tracks. Each episode in the series will include 25 acoustic songs that we think you should hear, although they're in no particular order as it's just way to hard decide which song is better than this or that.

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