Pat Breslin: Desert Island Five

August 1, 2014

Welcome to the third show in our popular series, Desert Island Five. This episode is presented by our talented and crazy Irishman, DJ and singer/songwriter, Pat Breslin. As the famous title suggests, Pat presents his top five acoustic tracks he'd take to a desert island, or as Pat calls it, his treasure island! What desert island five would you choose?

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Gary Haywood: White House Cancer Support Special

July 25, 2014

This week we have a special broadcast with DJ Gary Haywood for the Dudley charity, White House Cancer Support.  This fantastic charity does a lot of work in the Black Country community and our Black Country open-mic'rs are playing their music for your support.  For more information visit:
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Susie Gee: Martyn Joseph Special

July 18, 2014

This weeks broadcast is a very special show on Martyn Joseph.  Presented by DJ Susie Gee we get to hear his music and all about the wonderful work with his Let Yourself Trust charity.  We really hope you enjoy this exclusive show as Susie delves deep into this talented and inspirational artist.  For more information visit: or

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Dale Hanson: Desert Island Five

July 11, 2014

Welcome to the second in our series, Desert Island Five. This show is guest presented by the super talented, singer & songwriter, Dale Hanson.   As the famous title suggests, Dale presents his top five acoustic tracks he'd take to a desert island, what desert island five would you choose?

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Susie Gee: Folk For Folk’s Sake

July 4, 2014

This weeks broadcast sees the return of the hugely popular Folk For Folk's Sake presented by your very own, DJ Susie Gee.  Susie again plays some top Folk music and she also has an exclusive interview with singer/songwriter Daria Kulesh and her official charity single, Butterflies for the DEBRA charity.

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Esther Turner: Desert Island Five

June 27, 2014

Welcome to the first in our new series, Desert Island Five. This first show is guest presented by the very talented, singer & songwriter, Esther Turner.  As the famous title suggests, Esther presents her top five acoustic tracks she'd take to a desert island.  We really hope you enjoy this new series, what desert island five would you choose?

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Pat Breslin: Celtic Corner - Live from Katie Fitzgerald’s

June 20, 2014

Following the successful pilot episode we kick off Celtic Corner proper with a double-bill recorded live from Katie Fitzgerald's pub in Stourbridge.  Join DJ Pat Breslin for this cracking extended programme with some quite brilliant artists, recorded with thanks by Eddy Morton. Does a double-bill mean a double Guinness?!

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Susie Gee: Guide Dogs for the Blind Special

June 13, 2014

This weeks' programme comes from DJ Susie Gee and as the title suggests it's a special show to promote a great charity. This broadcast is in conjuction with a benefit event taking place at the Artrix Theatre, Bromsgrove on Sunday 29 June 2014, hosted by Frankley Guitar Club to raise money for Guide Dogs. We really hope you enjoy the show and if you're local why not go to the event and meet DJ Susie in person?!

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Susie Gee: Folk For Folk’s Sake

June 6, 2014

This week we have DJ Susie Gee with another excellent episode of her Folk programme. This show is getting to be really popular, we thank everyone for your kind comments. Now then, for folk's sake enjoy the show!

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Gary Haywood: Acoustic Spotlight Special - Elvis Presley

May 30, 2014

This weeks' show focuses on The King...Elvis Presley. DJ Gary Haywood presents his top 5 acoustic tracks on who surely must be one of the most important musical figures in history.

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Pat Breslin: Celtic Corner - Pilot Episode

May 23, 2014

This weeks' show comes from DJ Pat Breslin. Here he presents a Pilot episode of Celtic Corner, a show that we hope will become a regular feature and that will actually be recorded at the Katie Fitzgerald pub in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Really hope you enjoy this show, do give us your feedback, your opinion is so important to us.

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Susie Gee: Acoustic Spotlight Special - Simon & Garfunkel

May 16, 2014

What can we say about Simon & Garfunkel that you don't already know? Nothing at all! All we can say is sit back and relax with DJ Susie as she guides you through five stunning Simon & Garfunkel standards that make up her top five.

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Pat Breslin: Acoustic Spotlight Special - Eddy Morton

May 9, 2014

This week in another of our 'Acoustic Spotlight' specials, DJ Pat Breslin focuses on his top five tracks by the Midlands artist, Eddy Morton. Eddy, a Stourbridge based singer songwriter and former frontman with The Bushburys now runs the Katie Fitzgeralds pub.

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Acoustic Montage: 100 Top Acoustic Tracks, Part 3

May 2, 2014

Welcome to part 3 of our Acoustic Montage series. This time we have the theme of 'Summer of Love' threaded through the show. Remember those glorious days of fun in the sun, that lovely summer breeze and how can you forget those summer holiday loves we've all had in our youth? It's the merry month of May, summer is just around the corner, enjoy the show and capture some acoustic sun right now. Make mine a Pimm's!

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Susie Gee: Folk For Folk’s Sake

April 25, 2014

This weeks' show is our second episode of 'Folk For Folk's Sake', presented by DJ Susie Gee. We had such a great response from die-hard folk fans and from listeners who'd never considered themselves to be folk fans before that we're now making this programme a regular feature. Well done Susie! Enjoy the show...For Folk's Sake!

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Pat Breslin: The Harp Easter Special

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! He is risen, Alleluia! - Welcome to the final part of our special Easter broadcasts.  Here, DJ Pat Breslin presents a special Easter programme for The Harp newspaper.  With his usual laid back, comic style, Pat guides you through some great music.  So, get yourself a drink, a chocolate egg and sit back and enjoy the show.

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Gary Haywood: Acoustic Spotlight Special - Eva Cassidy

April 18, 2014

This week we have another Acoustic Spotlight special, presented by DJ Gary Haywood, we take a look at his top five acoustic tracks by the one and only Eva Cassidy. What can we say about this amazing artist that hasn't been said already? Nothing really, except to say, unique, a massive talent  and most definately, gone too soon. God bless you Eva.

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Susie Gee: Holy Week Special - Faith in Music

April 13, 2014

Today, Palm Sunday of The Lord's Passion starts off the most important week in the life of the universal Christian Church.  Holy Week, that includes The Institution of The Eucharist (The Last Supper) and Good Friday and culminating in the mother of all Vigils upon nightfall on Holy Saturday all proceeds the biggest celebration of the Church, Easter, which for those of you that don't know lasts for 50 days until the feast of Pentecost.  Christianity lives or dies upon the Resurrection and Holy Week that focuses our hearts and minds gives us all the evidence that Christians need to have faith and believe.  Here is Susie Gee and 'Faith in Music'.

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Pat Breslin: Acoustic Spotlight Special - James Taylor

April 11, 2014

The latest in our popular 'Acoustic Spotlight' specials focuses on James Taylor, presented by our very own, Pat Breslin. DJ Pat takes you through his top five from this superb American singer songwriter and highlights the reason why this artist is such a favourite for him. Pour yourself a wee dram, sit back and enjoy the soothing sounds of the one and only, James Taylor.

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Susie Gee: Folk For Folk’s Sake

April 4, 2014

This week's broadcast comes from DJ Susie Gee, here she presents our first show on Folk music. Folk is such a broad genre, from tracing it's 'roots' in the 1850's to alive and well in the 2010's with the likes of Mumford & Sons and everything inbetween, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and the like are obvious members of the folk scene . Susie's picks may surprise some of you as you may not think they sound very 'folky' but remember, Folk has more to do with the lyric content rather than the sound or feel of the track. Tune in, relax and enjoy for Folk's sake!

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